This Weekend


As we said earlier today it is Friday the Firkenteenth at the Grey Lodge.


It’s Valentine’s Day, not that you would notice if you’ve been reading here all week. We were going to do a big blowout guide but…. Well we didn’t. Luckily others have:

  • Uwishunu has certainly taken up the slack with their wealth of Valentine’s Day options and deals. [Uwishunu]
  • Craig LaBan highlights options to share for V-Day lovebirds.
    [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • Treat Your honey right with these special Valentine’s Day ideas.
    [Philadelphia Daily News]


It’s a special lovey-dovey edition of Sunday School at Tria but not in a gross way. There will be sparkling Rosé Malbec from Argentina, Yards Love Stout and a chocolate goat cheese from Westfield Farm. All will be half off.
Update: No chocolate goat cheese today, it’s stuck in Trenton? But it has been replaced by Truffle Tremor, “a velvety, black truffle-studded” goat cheese.