Bánh Mi In Chinatown

David Snyder discovers a faithful version of the Vietnamese bánh mi at Q. T. Vietnamese Sandwich in Chinatown.

Bánh mi enjoys a mini-cult following based on two factors: bold flavors and ridiculously low prices. Q.T. delivers on both fronts. Each sandwich starts with the same base: A large hoagie roll that’s crispy on the outside, yet light and airy in. On the inside, fresh, crunchy cucumber slices lie alongside sweet and tangy pickled carrots, adding cool balance to the bite of jalapeños. But each sandwich truly owes its distinctive characteristics to a long sprig of fresh cilantro and a rich swath of pÃ¥té. The primary filler (including a tofu option not listed on the menu) is up to you.

On the Q.T. [City Paper]