Distrito Doing The $35 Dance Too


Distrito may not be in Center City but that’s not stopping Jose Garces’ from offering a $35 tasting menu through February 6th.

The tasting menu is served family-style and includes a selection of Garces favorite dishes, daily specials and seasonal treats.

The Distrito deal comes with the added benefit of including this Saturday which is not included in the Center City Restaurant Week. And since Tinto and Amada are not participating in week two of Restaurant Week, Distrito will be the only $35 Garces deal in town next week.

Menu examples after the jump.

Classic Guacamole, made fresh in-house

Ceviche de Gamarones, shrimp ceviche with spicy tomato, avocado and plantain chip

Huarache de los Hongos, flatbread topped with forest mushrooms, huitlacoche sauce, queso mixto, black truffle and corn shoots

Carne Asada, New York strip steak with adobo, fried tomatillo and creamy poblano-corn rice

Mole Amarillo, a traditional Mexican mole with rabbit.

Distrito [Official Site]