Talking with the Owner of Tria

Philly Mag has a short-n-sweet Q&A with Jon Myerow, owner of Tria. Now Jon is one of our favorite local restaurateurs (he’s really more of a beer-and-cheese-ateur), mostly because he runs one of the tightest, smartest ships in town… and also because he has an unspeakably dark, dry sense of humor which you may detect traces of in the article:

My start in restaurants
I started in 1985 as a bus person, the day before receiving my degree in Russian language and philosophy. My parents were so proud.

We always wondered from where this bleak demeanor sprang – now we know it must have been all those philosophy classes. And no, there isn’t any information on where the next Tria will be located but you should check out the interview anyway.

Dining with… Jon Myerow of Tria [Philly Mag]