13 Is A Lucky Number

Adam Erace finds filling and inexpensive pub grub at East Passyunk’s Lucky 13.

The numerical jinx proved powerless against the satisfying full-flavored fare that took forever to emerge from the kitchen. Johnson’s chunky black bean chili resonated with a rich beefiness and smoky jalapeño spice. Showered with fresh cilantro and white cheddar, the stew arrived over crisp tortilla chips instead of in a cup, and was all the better for it. For the pulled pork sandwich served alongside cool, nutty quinoa, Johnson starts with shoulders he sears, roasts and shreds by hand. Tossed in tangy, tomato-y barbecue sauce and piled into a Nino’s roll, the pork was so wet and juicy that the sharpness of provolone and prickly heat of jalapeño sliced through like a well-honed blade.

Clark’s Bar [Philadelphia Weekly]
Lucky 13