Beer Love from NYT


This weekend, the New York Times discovered that THERE IS A MAGNIFICENT CRAFT BEER CULTURE IN PHILADELPHIA! Of course, we have known this all along, but getting a shout-out in the Times makes it more likely that our out-of-town friends will actually believe us when we tell them about it.:

Much of the upswing can be attributed to Philadelphia’s bubbling night life. The new breweries, said Don Russell, who as Joe Sixpack writes a weekly column about beer for The Philadelphia Daily News, “are filling a need that’s out there being created by the local bar scene. Every single bar that has been opening up has a multitap system and is featuring microbrews.”

Combine that robust tavern scene with cheap real estate in emerging neighborhoods, and you’ve got the ingredients for a beer blast. In recent years, a half-dozen breweries and specialty pubs have opened in Philadelphia, ranging from boutique breweries that make micro batches to green-powered plants looking to become the city’s next biggest thing.

We knew that cheap real estate was good for something. EBB, Yards, and Dock Street are all name-checked in the article.

Breweries of Brotherly Love [NYT]