Starr Eyes A Redo

Today, has more on Stephen Starr and his mercurial affair with 706 Chestnut Street. The latest has the former Blue Angel location becoming… the future Blue Angel. Yep, L’Ange Bleu, Starr’s much loved French bistro is coming back.

After the short-lived  Angelina’s in 2003, there have been a bundle of proposed uses for the location. It was to be Starr’s foray into boutique hotels, an on-again, off-again gastropub and most recently an oyster bar. But now it seems Starr is going with the path of least resistance and is aiming to reopen the Blue Angel. He still has most of the decor in storage, which certainly will help keep the start-up costs down.

Also in the Kleinsider story is news that Starr is now talking about turning his former Washington Square into a “‘fun’ Greek concept.” Fun and Greek has its appeal but we can’t help but be sad to think that the concept going to the Washington Square location is the death knell for the old Broad Street Diner location.

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