Even Carnivores Get Get Behind Mi Lah

Adam Erace finds that Mi Lah Vegetarian is a vegetarian restaurant that gives even a proud “bone-gnawing marrow seeker” reason to pause.


Chef Tyler Black is the man I credit with my would-be conversion. Instead of tricking you into thinking that block of tofu is a rib-eye, he’ll plate up a half-pound of caramelized brussels sprouts with pistachio-studded potato gratin and dairy-free Meyer lemon beurre blanc. That’s some vegan food I can get down with.

Black, a three-years-in vegetarian whose resume includes the Four Seasons, Govinda’s and Horizons, teamed up with owner Jason Lay through Craigslist. Cambodia-born Lay launched Mi Lah (“mercy”) in October in a cozy two-story space with pea-green walls and pressed tin ceilings.


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