7 Fishes From Maia

maia_lobster_pot_pieIf your holiday feast isn’t including Chanukah at Zahav or roast suckling pig from Amada perhaps the tradition of the Seven Fishes is up your alley.

Villanova’s Maia is making it much easier by offering the traditional meal to go. Cost is $75 per person with a minimum order of four. For those of you who need that spelled out, that’s 7 courses for just a shade over $10 a course.

And look what you get after the jump.

calamari salad, nicoise olive, romaine, herbs, parmesan
maia norwegian smoked salmon, red onions, lemon, cornichon
shrimp cocktail, cocktail sauce
maryland jumbo crab cake
new england clam chowder
blue bay mussels, white beans, escarole salad
lobster pot pie, winter vegetables, creamy lobster bisque

Maia [Official Site]