Overrated Octopus?

Tim McGinnis breaks down where to enjoy octopus all year round but in so doing, he takes a big-time shot at Dmitri’s!

When compiling a list of all things overrated in Philadelphia, Field Guide has Geno’s Steak’s, Hall and Oates and Rocky 2 through 6 all somewhere near the top. But after dining on Dmitri’s (2227 Pine St. 215.985.3680) octopus we’ve decided it beats them all to a pulpo. The “small plate” of drywall tough legs was served up in a fishy, oily sauce by an apathetic slacker staff more interested in reading their art industry magazines than delivering great grub. It made us as disappointed as a kid at Christmas with a stocking full of tube socks.

giant_octopusSo what do you think readers, does Tim have a point?
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