Talula’s Couple Re-entering Restaurant World

Talula's Table

Photo courtesy of The Best Food Blog Ever

Rick Nichols scoops us all, with word that Aimee Olexy and Bryan Sikora of Talula’s Table will be opening a 60-seat cafe at the shuttered Kennett Cafe, just a few steps away from Talula’s.

It was in a handsome sandblasted brick building (circa 1810) with a peak-roofed second-story porch that gives it the aspect of something far more Southern: “Were you thinking New Orleans?” Sikora asked, clearly thinking that himself.

It was gutted inside, the subflooring dotted with pigeon droppings, burly, rough-hewn rafters exposed, windows covered with flimsy plywood. But in Olexy’s rendering, there was a wall of wine bottles at one end, a whirl of tables and counter seating looking in at Sikora sweating it out in the open kitchen.

In the basement, the concrete floor would be broken out and lowered six inches for a cozy wine bar.

To further whet the appetite here’s another recent rehash of dinner at Talula’s Table.
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