Testing Your Guts With Guts At Wokano

David Snyder has one of the most exotic meals of his life as he dines on duck tongue, jellyfish and more at Wokano in South Philadelphia.

But the most challenging dish, by far, was the fried pig intestine. Four-inch-long tubes are sliced in half and marinated in a secret sauce, deep-fried and colored to give the crispy skin a bright red hue. The flavors, at first, were deceptively pleasant — a sweet and spicy blend akin to a light barbecue sauce. Even the texture, in comparison to some of the other dishes, was relatively benign. But the unrelenting aftertaste — which can only be described politely as an unholy decay — was so profoundly haunting that the experience will never be far from my thoughts. Whether it was in spite of or because of the finish, though, a number of us still went back for seconds.

But don’t worry, there’s safer things on the “American” menu.

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