My Rendezvous with Flavored Vodka

In my little food world, where I serve as chief cook, bottle washer and benevolent dictator, I do not permit flavored vodkas. I am against them, I don’t believe in them and I shun them. Unless they are free, in which case I will drink them happily. Did I mention this was my little food world? I make the rules here. Don’t argue with me.

Of course, as a dictator – even a benevolent one – I can turn on a dime. I must have whims and they must be catered to! So I’m upending my flavored vodka ban for one product only:

Three Olives root beer vodka. I was persuaded to try it last Friday at Locust Rendezvous not by interest, but by my inner bargain hunter. It was on special for $2 a shot and that is not only in my budget, it is my budget. Rather than shooting it, I nursed it in its oversized shot glass. It was warming and refreshing, a bit spicy, and thoroughly sippable. Also, it’s sort of historical! Root beer is from Philly. Wouldn’t a root beer float made with Franklin Fountain vanilla ice cream, root beer vodka and Hank’s root beer (another local product) make a wonderful party drink? For a grownup party, of course.

What I might like even more is a birch beer vodka. Birch beer is, if possible, even more delicious than root beer.

The moral of the story here is that if things are on special, even if they sound gross, you should try them. 

Three Olives [Official Site]