Morning News with Extreme Beer

It’s been a while since we checked in with the world wide web of food. What’s going on out there?

Laid-off financial industry employees are now becoming bartenders. Now they’re wasting their own money on bartending school instead of wasting our money on credit default swaps. [NYDN]

The New Yorker’s annual food issue is out this week. There’s a lot in there to love, but we think you’ll be most interested in the article Better Beer: The Rise of Extreme Brew, profiling Delaware’s own Dogfish Head brewery and brewer Sam Calagione. That’s right, beer in the New Yorker. [New Yorker]

You can’t be almost pregnant, but you can be almost meatless! Friends of Foobooz Joy Manning and Tara Mataraza Desmond have a cookbook coming out in the spring, Almost Meatless, which focuses on ‘meat in moderation’ and have been contributing recipes to Serious Eats on a weekly basis in a column called Meat Lite. Check it out. [Serious Eats]

George Bush didn’t like broccoli and Barack Obama doesn’t care for beets. [NYT]

Mark Bittman believes there’ll be no more fresh fish for anyone in the future. [NYT]