Week In Review: Change Editon

The world’s largest piñata comes to Philadelphia and is a major fail. 

Looking for the latest 3-bell LaBan restaurant? You’ll have to head to Atlantic City.

Iron Hill is looking to add 6 more locations by 2011 but probably not any in Philadelphia. 

Cantina Dos Segundos is offering brunch 7 days a week and we have lots of pictures to prove it. 

Stop by Parc on your way home from work and pick up a fresh baguette. 

Lots of tasty bargains at the Tap Room on 19th. 

Prohibition Taproom opens and just about everyone was there for a look. 

Village Whiskey will be the name of Jose Garces’ 20th Street bar. We wonder if the Village is looking for an idiot, because we’re willing. 

Big Portions & Good Tastes At Joe’s in Old City.

El Camino Real has a real “Road Bitch.” Read all about her. 

Modo Mio has been a pretty tough table to get and now UPenn knows about it.

Craig LaBan has a ton of dining bargains to keep you away from the stove.