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Caution: do not look at Philadining’s photos of Chick’s mini beignets with Nutella and raspberry dipping sauces on an empty stomach. [Philadining]

Uncle Jimmy weighs the “Yays” and “Neys” of dinner at Kanella. [Uncle Jimmy Eats]

Dish & Bitch is pretty cool. They have a brunch club and invite a guest along each Sunday whom they interview. Most recently they were at the Royal Tavern. [Dish & Bitch]

PhilaFoodie tips us off that Wine Spectator’s Sam Gugino is in love with Daniel Stern’s (Gayle and Rae) apple pie. [PhilaFoodie]

Collin Flatt dines on the “All Pork Menu” at Cochon with mixed results. []

Blogalicious is partial to the flagship in the Primo Hoagies chain and rarely varies from ordering the Chicken Suprimo on a seeded Sarcone’s roll. [Blogalicious]

Mac & Cheese gets some Egyptian and Mediterranean bites at Mazag Cafe in South Philly. [Mac & Cheese]

Our beer runs are much shorter (from wherever we are to the Foodery or Food & Friends) than the one Bryan Kolesar and Chris Leonard are preparing for this Saturday. They’re doing 13.1 miles from the General Lafayette to the new Tiedhouse. [Brew Lounge]

Foodzings has only a mediocre time at Mantra. [Foodzings]