Tuesday Tasting at Bindi

BYOB Bindi is hosting another tasting dinner tonight. This week’s theme is “Influences of India” and highlights dishes from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China that have been influenced by Indian cuisine.

It’s $35 for a four-course, family-style menu, which you will find in detail after the jump. For reservations, call 215.922.6061.

From the Chef 

seared yellowfin tuna
curry leaf-lemongrass vinaigrette, blood orange, red chili, mint
First Course
singapore shrimp satay
coconut, kaffir lime leaf, daikon-jicama pickle
Second Course
nyonya style spiced chicken
hot and sour marinade, green mango sambal, traditional dipping sauce
indonesian grilled whole snapper
lemon basil, roasted chiles, tamarind, garlicky farmstand greens
soy-jaggery cured porkbelly noodle hotpot
wild mushrooms, black kale, aromatic gingered shrimp broth
yellow jasmine rice
coconut, lime zest, tumeric
hand-rolled roti canai
malaysian style thin pancake, pickle, chutney
tamarind poached seckel pear
green apple-lemongrass sorbet, almond crumble, shaved date


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