And the New Tria Goes To…

Sorry, Queen Village! If all goes smoothly, Tria #3 will be located in the former M.A.B. paint store at the corner of 21st and South. Which would make G.Ho the winner of this particular neighborhood smackdown.

The owner of the building contacted Foobooz to say that he’s “agreed in principal to lease terms with Tria owner Jon Myerow.” Which means things could still go in any direction. And then there’s the community board fun, after the jump.

There’s a zoning board meeting on October 15th where the neighborhood will get to hear all about the proposed new project from Tria reps. If you’re interested in attending, showing your support (or not) for a G-Ho Tria, the meeting starts at 7:00PM at the St. Charles Senior Center, 907 South 16th St. UPDATE: Address is 1941 Christian Street.

Commenter Rich Frankel gets the award for best Yenta for suggesting this location in the comments of our last post on the subject. Congratulations, Rich!

Tria [Official Site]