And Now the Not-So-Happy News

A well-connected Starrling tells us that neither of the potential Starr restaurants – the Broad Street Diner and the Letto Deli – we’ve been following here at Foobooz are likely to come to fruition. Personally, we don’t care so much about the Letto Deli; after all, there’s another Starr location right down the block and the Midtown Gayborhood is already awash in restaurants. 

But, the Broad Street Diner? Well, that makes us want to cry a little bit. Actually, a lot. Our source tells us that there are ‘environmental problems’ with the location and it’s a dealbreaker. Gulp. Sniffle. Hysterical sob. 

Will Starr keep the diner concept and look for a new location in the area? Is it too much to dream that he might focus the white-hot beam of his mighty StarrLight on East Passyunk Avenue? Probably. We’re thinking he’ll wimp out and stay north of Washington. Perhaps in the building at 777 Broad Street going up or maybe in the project planned for the empty lot at Broad and Washington?