One Bald Man Leaves for L.A., Another Comes to Center City?

As mentioned on Friday, one half of Foobooz has dropped everything to follow his beloved Phils to Los Angeles. So that leaves you all with the other half of Foobooz, who doesn’t know a bat from a puck drop and has a rotten sense of direction. I do have other redeeming qualities though, like a sharp eye for orange signs!

While cruising by the old West Coast Video at 212 S. 15th Street between Walnut and Locust, I spotted a license transfer application, posted October 9th. The entity applying for the license transfer was Max Brenner, Inc. Could it be Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man? Which is not really a he, but an Israeli chocolate company with shops in Australia, Southeast Asia and two branches in New York, one of which Frank Bruni at the New York Times reviewed and gave no stars. 

Still, can more chocolate ever be a bad thing?