Sneak Peek At Earth Bread + Brewery

Lew Bryson is headed out of town so he’ll miss the official opening of Mt. Airy’s Earth Bread + Brewery on Thursday but he was able to get a sneak peek and taste yesterday. He’s got pics over on his site, below are the initial four EB+B brews.

  • Love Your Mother Mild – “One of the best American-brewed session-strength beers I’ve ever had.”
  • Biere d’Earth – “Mellow, maltalicious, with a spicy flow of yeast character.”
  • Sedgwick Pale Ale – “The beer was arresting, with a rich aroma of spicy candy, almost toffee-like. Delicious and completely unexpected.”
  • Terra Fumé – “A smoked wheat, and the smoke was rich and solid in the nose, but not overdone in the mouth.”

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