Beer Vs Wine In Manayunk

Rick Nichols details the rise/fall and changes of Manayunk and its newest eatery, Cooper’s Brick Oven Wine Bar and while doing so, he draws the ire of Jack Curtin.

Perhaps demographics will be destiny: Cooper posits that the $100,000 rowhouses that were converted into apartments for college kids five years ago are climbing in value and becoming owner-occupied; and that, regardless, the 21-year-olds of that era are now 24, 25 and 26, more grown up themselves – with better jobs, broader tastes, and a bit more income.

In other words, they’re ripe to join the adults at Cooper’s Brick Oven Wine Bar. He spotted four of them the other day, sharing a $35 bottle of malbec and a cheese plate at one of his sidewalk tables.

They were still watching the girls go by. But in a watershed moment, Cooper noticed what they weren’t doing; they weren’t drinking beer.

Jack is peeved by the allusion that beer is for “lowlifes” and wine, well that’s a sign of sophistication.

What do you think? Rightful indignation or over-reacting?

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