Foobooz Announces Restaurant Reviews in Haiku!

We’ve never done real restaurant reviews at Foobooz and we don’t have any plans to, despite the cold hard fact that people are obsessed with them. Legitimate restaurant reviews take deep pockets, lots of time and anonymity, all of which are not really available to us. We’ll let Craig wear the bag of baguettes over his head and ring his bells.

We think we’ve come up with a better way to review for our purposes – a Foobooz way – that distills the essence of each restaurant. If you’re looking to read food porn, we’ll still be linking you to that, but right here you’ll find Review in Haikuâ„¢! We’ll be using the traditional Japanese poetry form to give you our take on new restaurants. First up, Parc, after the jump…

A Review in Haiku

dreamy decor and
mediocre food… I hate
me for loving you

Parc [Official Site]