Introducing Tuesday Tables for Two!


At Foobooz World Headquarters, we get a lot of requests for emergency restaurant assistance. As in:

“I’m celebrating a birthday/graduation/generic special occasion with 12 people, two of whom are vegetarians, one who won’t eat garlic and three who love steak… can you tell us where to go on a Saturday night at 8pm? Oh, and if it’s BYO, that would be better. And it has to be cheap.”

We’re still working on solving that great mystery of the dining universe, but in the meantime, we’re tackling a really important restaurant-related riddle: where should you go on a date?

We’re putting together a comprehensive guide of dating agendas that will address every dating situation we can imagine: Where to go on a first date? Where to go when you’re breaking up? When you’re just trying to get laid? When you’re having a secret affair? When you’re meeting the parents? Where should you take a beer lover? A wine lover? What do you do with a hot vegan?

We’ll be rolling out a new date every Tuesday and then collecting them in a feature, which you’ll find on the menu at the right.

Remember Dating Makes You Want to Die, But You Have to Do It Anyway.