Sticky Weather Reprieves

Philadining declares an Awesomeness Alert for the Espresso Granita from Capogiro. And at $3.50 it’s an absolute bargain for the pricey gelato spot. [The Philadining Blog]

We’re not sure how long Scoop DeVille has been at 18th and Chestnut but when you walk in it feels like it has been there forever. UWISHUNU provides the 411 for the uninitiated and drops this golden nugget that even we didn’t know. Scoop DeVille delivers, Vine to Pine, 21st to Broad. [UWISHUNU]

We visited Phileo for the first time as they were just trying to close up but they were nice enough to let us in anyway. Tried the tart banana, strawberry and mango yogurts swirled together topped off with some granola. We haven’t had Pinkberry in New York but we’ll be back for more Phileo.