Dos Segundos

Dos Segundos
David Snyder visits Dos Segundos, the Northern Liberties’ sibling of Cantina Los Caballitos and finds the East Passyunk scene may not have come along but there’s plenty of other reasons to make the visit.

There’s enough originality here to spawn its own fan base. For starters, I can’t stop craving the house-made chorizo. The deep flavors of cumin and juicy rendered pork fat shine best in the tacos.

In the tasty torta al pastor, a Mexican sandwich, pork legs soak up a traditional marinade, which includes sweet ground canella (Mexican cinnamon), before roasting on a trompo, or vertical rotisserie. The fat telera rolls sourced from Las Lomas Bakery drink up the al pastor’s delicious caramelized juices.

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