How About No

There aren’t many exotic foods we turn away from but we have to tell you we’re not excited to try fried duck tongues at Ken’s Seafood.

Philadining on the other hand not only tried them but liked them.

As it turns out, we liked them a lot. There’s not a whole lot of meat on a duck tongue, and what there is has a slightly fatty, gelatinous texture, but when it’s encased in perfectly-fried batter, the combo is very pleasing. To be fair, I think our table was evenly split about how good they were, but two of us really loved them. Someone likened them to the very tip of a chicken wing, where there’s just a little bit of meat, more fat and skin and crunchy coating. Whether this is a good or bad thing is a matter of perspective.

There is a weird thing about duck tongues: they have a piece of cartilage going right down the middle that’s inedible, so the crunchy treat needs to be eaten with a little care, and that little boney spine needs to be gingerly extracted from one’s mouth, so this might not be a great food on the occasions that pulling bones from one’s mouth wouldn’t be considered polite.

Things you didn’t know you wanted to eat pt. 1 – Duck Tongues [The Philadining Blog]