More Love For Kanella

Kanella Lemon Mousse
If you haven’t been to Kanella you’re really missing out. Elisa Ludwig is the latest to heap praise on the Cypriot BYOB on Spruce Street.

Kanella is a fresh, fantastic addition to the local BYO lineup. For one thing, there’s no other kitchen serving this food — the cuisine of Cyprus is an unmistakable amalgam of Greek and Turkish influences augmented by notes from France, Italy, Lebanon and elsewhere — in the region. Chef/owner Konstantinos Pitsillides has created a well-edited menu that makes his native cuisine accessible without dumbing down its distinct flavors. Even more notable is the cooking itself, which eschews fancy innovations for authenticity and simplicity. It’s honest, good food. If there’s a gimmick here, it’s that what you see is what you get.

The Transporter [City Paper]