Ritzy BLT At 10 Arts

Ritzy BLT at 10 Arts
Rick Nichols highlights the done-up remake of the classic BLT available for $15 at 10 Arts in the Ritz Carlton.

So it has come to pass at 10 Arts, that the chef got her sandwich. The bread is thin-sliced, gently toasted sourdough. The tomato and lettuce makes for a summer salad. The floor of it is the braised pork belly, sweet and tender and porky. The bacon (another part of the pork belly) is layered on top, Nueske’s applewood-smoked bacon from Wisconsin, which for my money is in the very top ranks.

The toasts are cut in three, trim Kit-Kat-shaped blocks, and spread with a spicy mustard-mayo sauce spiked with a touch of Tabasco and the paprikalike Espelette pepper long favored over black pepper in Basque cookery.

It is a makeover, indeed, and darn tasty with its side of french fries.