Quick Bites

Mama’s Grill on South Street has a new name, Chickpeas Falafel & Grill. It’s still owned by the Mama’s Vegetarian people though. [The Clog]

Food and Drinq has the Minar Palace menu. They’re promising mid-July but the Time Video sign is still in place and the front really doesn’t look much different from this Google Street View photo. [Food and Drinq]

Molcajete Mixto is closing to install a new hood in the kitchen. Hopefully that’s not a euphemism for closing for good. [The Clog]

Speaking of renovations, the Marathon Grill on the 1300 block of Chestnut will be closed for about 10 days as the popular lunch spot gets an overhaul. [Philly Chit Chat]

Kujaku, the successor to Peacock on the Parkway is already gone, just under 6 months if you’re scoring at home. [Food and Drinq]