Reviewing Union Gourmet

Adam Erace tries out Union Gourmet Market & Cafe and finds a tale of two settings. As a lunchtime market Union Gourmet is a series of letdowns with logistical problems to boot. But at Sunday brunch the food shines as much as the aluminum tables.

Completely cooked to order, the food at brunch shines, from the crunchy applewood-smoked D’Artagnan bacon to the tangy natural Greek yogurt livened with Bear Naked granola, fresh mint and juicy berries. More berries—straw, black and blue—are served over fluffy whole wheat pancakes in a warm compote. With butter-crisped edges and soft spongy centers, the short stack is a highlight.

Perfectly poached Lancaster County eggs perch atop rich, lightly tangy crab-and-artichoke dip and toasted Thomas’ English muffins in Union Gourmet’s signature benedict. The smoked paprika-freckled huevos pop like water balloons, sending a sudden rush of yolk into the tangerine-hued hollandaise and breakfast potatoes.

Union Market [Philadelphia Weekly]
Union Gourmet Market & Cafe