The Market at Comcast Center

The Market at Comcast Center
Today’s edition of The Bite is too small to read online (UPDATE: Here’s the full text) so we’ll summarize. The Market at Comcast Center has opened, providing Center City office workers with a food court full of lunch options.

Underneath the Comcast Center you’ll find local mainstays like Bucks County Coffee, the Mexican Post, Termini Brothers and DiBruno Brothers. LaScala’s which has a location at 8 7th and Chestnut has a real brick oven at their Comcast Center stand turning out fresh pizza for the cubicle crowd.

Another big spot in the market is Under the C where you can find fresh gazpacho with crab or shrimp, seafood gumbo grilled ahi tuna and traditional fish and chips. You can also grab something out of their seafood case and be half way to dinner at home.

Back up above ground you can find some steep prices to dine alongside the dancing fountains in the at the Plaza Cafe. Like $25 for Maine Lobster salad sandwich stiff. But what did you expect, it’s Georges Perrier?

Oh and whether you go high-end or low for lunch, do yourself a favor and check out the video board in the Comcast Center lobby. It’s really well done.