Breakfast At Bridget Foy’s

Bridget Foy's Breakfast
Catch walk-of-shamers in the act from the sidewalk seating at Bridget Foy’s as the South Street mainstay is now open for breakfast seven days a week. Breakfast starts at 8am on weekdays and 9 on weekends.

Try out their blueberry ricotta pancakes and wash it down with a house-made jalapeño-cilantro vodka Bloody Mary any day of the week.

Full menu after the jump.

Bridget’s Breakfast 9.
two eggs . choice of pork maple sausage or smoked bacon roasted potatoes . toast

Continental 7.
buttery croissant . fresh fruit . coffee . fresh juice

French Toast 8.
spiced pecans . caramel

Double Pop Omelette 9.
goat cheese . broccoli rabe . basil . oven roasted tomatoes

The 2nd Ward Omelette 10.
smoked gouda . sausage . roasted pepper . caramelized onion

Ricotta Pancakes 7.
stack of golden blueberry ricotta pancakes

House-made Granola 7.
yogurt . fresh fruit

Steel Cut Oats 6.
brown sugared apples . roasted almonds

Bowl of Fresh Fruit 4./7.


Croissant 3.
Pain au Chocolat 3.5
Sticky Bun 3.5
Dulce de Leche Long John 3.

Thick Cut Smoked Bacon 3.
Maple Pork Sausage 3.
Virginia Ham 3.
Roasted Potatoes 2.5

La Columbe Coffee or decaf 2.5
Espresso 2.5
Cappuccino or Latte 3.5
Harney & Sons Fine Hot Tea 3.5
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 3.5
Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice 4.
Blood Orange Bellini 8.
Bloody Mary 8.
House-made jalapeno-cilantro infused vodka