Morning News with a Hangover

France is considering a ban on le happy hour because of le binge drinking problem. [Telegraph]

The New Yorker takes on the hangover. [New Yorker]

If you have a pool in your backyard, this floating restaurant table might make for an interesting bbq. A kiddie pool doesn’t count. Also, this pedalpub might finally bring some of the drivers out there around to the bicycle way of life. [gizmag]

It’s not quite as delightfully salacious as our porno twins who robbed a Wings and More with their mom, but a drag queen held up a Burger King in New Orleans in full cross-dressing glory. [,]

We swear that we had this Starbucks-meets-Strip-Club idea years ago, but it was going to be called Jugs & Java. What other brilliant ideas have we let slip?! [epi-log]