Cafe Estelle Starting Dinner Service

Cafe Estelle, the breakfast and lunch spot at 444 N. 4th St. is trying its hand at dinner service starting this Thursday, May 22nd. We’ve got the menu after the jump…

Cafe Estelle

Dinner Menu May through May 24th

1st Course Offerings

Soup du Jour


Smoked Sea Scallops

Green lentils, frisse & pomegranate salad, mustard oil, pomegranate gastrique


Crispy Polenta

Melted gouda, sautéed mixed mushrooms


Triple Cream Crepe

Fiddlehead ferns, ramps, fava beans, st. andre cheese, whole wheat crepe, warm fiddlehead salad


Vegetable Antipasto

Chef’s selection with accompaniments


Spring Salad

Strawberries, aged goat cheese, mixed spring greens, strawberry balsamic vinaigrette


Charcuterie Plate

Chef’s selection with accompaniments


2nd Course Offerings

Crispy Seared Duck Breast

Okinawa sweet potato puree, roasted baby vegetables, brussel sprout & parmesan salad


Vegan Barley Risotto

Maple glazed smoked tofu, spring vegetables, micro greens salad


Herb Crusted Lamb Chops

Green lentils, sautéed greens, lamb jus


Pan Seared Black Bass

Braised fennel, tomatoes, fiddlehead ferns, ramps, leeks & spring peas in aromatic nage, crispy fried garlic


Braised Brisket Angnolotti

Crispy seared sweet breads, herbed crème fraiche, caramelized shallots


**Dessert will feature choices of a delectable cheese plate, sorbet, chocolate terrine, strawberry rhubarb pie & ice cream stuffed profiteroles.**