LaBan Review… Brain Aneurysm?

We’ve heard of restaurateurs freaking out over an impending review from La LaBan and we’ve even gotten apoplectic reading reviews ourselves, but this is something new. Michael Klein reports that the chef of Jasper, which LaBan reviewed (two bells) this past Sunday, was hospitalized with a ‘minor brain aneurysm’:

Last Thursday, the day before the review was posted at, Jasper chef-owner Nick DiFonzo was admitted to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for what manager Becky Ely told LaBan today was a “minor brain aneurysm.”

Ely said he is expected to be discharged by this weekend, and that he should be OK. But the restaurant is temporarily closed, and won’t be taking reservations until June 24.

An unfortunate coincidence. Get well soon, chef!

Jasper Closed Temporarily [Food & Drinq]