City Paper Reviews Le Virtu, Potluck Cafe

Elisa Ludwig loves her some Le Virtu:

But if Le Virtù has a primary virtue (and actually, it’s harder than you think to choose just one), it’s its ability to seamlessly bridge Passyunk old and new, staying true to the neighborhood’s Italian roots while asserting its own regional identity, the Abruzzi cuisine this kitchen masterfully rocks.

Trey Popp braves Chinatown’s Potluck Cafe:

Potluck serves literally hundreds of offbeat (and offal-based) entrées. Frog, hairtail fish, loofah sponge — it’s hard to think of a multicellular organism you can’t order at this place.

The Clog has scoop on a change in ownership at The Happy Rooster:

Laurence Berk Esq. is now a new owner at The Happy Rooster, a Philly restaurant and bar institution for all smart business folk. Though I’ll have a full interview in next week’s Icepack, there will be no change in food, employees or concept. “It’ll be the same exact Happy Rooster tradition.

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