What Makes a Good Sports Bar?

We’ve been meandering past the Bellevue in the late afternoons recently where we’ve been witnessing an interesting promotion. It involves attractive girls clad in form-fitting black outfits standing behind a table or wandering up and down Broad Street, handing out cards that look like the one pictured above. All of this nubile fuss is for JL Sullivan’s Speakeasy, the new sports bar opening today, that for some inexplicable reason, is pretending not to be a sports bar, but an under-the-radar “restaurant, sports bar, lounge.” So under-the-radar, in fact, that they’re promoting it to every single person walking down Broad Street.

My raging disinterest in sports has been well documented here (except for baseball, which I like since it’s not really about sports, it’s about food), so perhaps I’m biased, but why try to pretend a sports bar isn’t anything but a sports bar? Why not wear it loud and proud? Why pretend it’s not a place to watch TV and yell?

Since Foobooz’s resident Sporting Life Expert is currently tormenting all of us by traveling in Belgium, I’m turning to you, loyal readers, to find out what you think makes a decent sports bar? Is it the number of TVs? The crowd? The beers on tap? The variety of fans? Which is the best in the city? The worst? Also, can someone please explain Chickie & Pete’s to me?

JL Sullivan’s Speakeasy [Official Site]