Looking For Success At Misso

Craig LaBan visits Misso, owned by Bruce Kim who many should know from his stint at Sushikazu in Blue Bell. He’s back now in Center City and is looking to make an impact on our rapidly growing Japanese restaurant scene.

But judging from three lovely meals, I’d say they’re catching on quickly (they’re even planning outdoor seats soon). The reasonably priced menu is hardly unusual, but Kim’s kitchen executes both the familiar dishes and his signature creations with a precision, quality of ingredients and consistency that so many others lack.

Kim’s more creative rolls – many of which he mastered at Sushikazu – are worth seeking out, like the pristine slice of tuna draped over a ball of crunchy rice topped with a dab of minced spicy tuna and a jalapeño chip. And the Area 51, which adds the crunch and sweetness of kiwi to lemony yellowtail.

Two Bells – Very Good

Misso [Philadelphia Inquirer]