Supper for Brunch? With Menu…

Supper, of which I am unabashedly a big, dorky fan, serves Sunday brunch. Somehow, I did not know this.

Unlike Sunday Supper, their monthly prix fixe dinner that only happens on the first Sunday of the month, brunch is served every single Sunday, from 11a.m.-4p.m. We’ve got the menu after the jump: steak and sweet onion benny, anyone?…

Supper Brunch April 2008

Hors d’Oeuvres

Oysters on the half shell 3 for 8

Jonah crab salad 6

Asparagus spears with eggplant 5

Fava Bean Crostini 7

Banana beignets 5

Charred squid with lemongrass 5


Granola & yogurt parfait with berries 6

Citrus salad with elderflower gelee 5

Plain yogurt with local honey 5

Mixed berries with mint syrup 5

McCann’s oatmeal, apricots & streusel 6

Pineapple cocktail with lemongrass 5

Buttermilk biscuit 2

Miniature muffins 3


All plates are slightly larger than an appetizer and smaller than a main course. Please feel free to construct your meal with as many choices as you like and in any order you prefer. We suggest three plates for your brunch


Baked Egg en cocotte with mushroom and Beaufort 7

Baked Egg en cocotte with bacon and lentils 9

Soft Scrambled Eggs with bacon or sausage, fingerling potatoes 5

Soft Scrambled Eggs with chorizo and Piperade 6

Petite Omelette with leek and crab fondue, fingerling potatoes 9

Petite Omelette with fines herbes, fingerling potatoes 6

Ham and Chard Benny: Poached egg on potato roesti with Serrano ham and chard, hollandaise sauce 8

Steak and Sweet Onion Benny: Poached egg on potato roesti with sirloin and onions, hollandaise sauce 10

French Toast with Nutella and caramel bananas 6

Sweet Corn Pancakes with huckleberry syrup and thai basil 6

Carrot and Tangerine Soup with coconut marshmallow and shiso 7

Mache Salad with maitakes and green apples, tarragon and Beaufort 10

Charcuterie: chorizo, Bayonne ham, wild boar saucisson and smoked duck with our preserves 15

Cheese: Our daily selection with accompaniments and housebaked crackers 3 cheeses/ 11 full board /18

Butternut Squash Gnocchi with radicchio, guanciale and brown butter 15

Dorade Royale with potatoes, leeks, clams and ginger 18

Slow Roasted Chicken Breast with onion soubise, prunes and marjoram 19

Croques Monsieur Traditional French grilled ham and cheese sandwich with pommes frites 8

The Supper Burger with pickled red onions and Cantal, pommes frites 10

Add Bacon 2 à Cheval 2 Add Foie gras 5


Champagne Cocktail 11

Mimosa 11

Blood Orange Mimosa 11

Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary 9

Verdelho, Sea Air, Australia, 2005 10

Cabernet / Shiraz, Clos Otto Box Head, Australia, 2006 11