Observations and Burblings

Some observations, some burblings…

Is Patou for sale? Sure looks like it from these pictures, which match their website pictures. We hear lots of Old City is on the market… perhaps because the more moneyed crowds have migrated their nocturnal activities to Rittenhouse? One Fourteen has been for sale for a long time, a tipster tells us that Red Sky is now as well.

So there’s an exodus of nightclubs, but we can’t imagine the residents of Old City are too happy about this. Any ideas of what it might be? We thought Pink Taco, but it’s too horrible to consider.

The ‘for rent’ sign that has been lingering forlornly in the window of the former location of Tre Scalini is down and there are signs of construction. Now we love this spot, despite its hideous Santa Fe-inspired facade. It faces the fountain on East Passyunk Ave. (even though it’s technically on 11th Street), it has great big windows and it’s just screaming to be revived as a restaurant. There are whisperings on the Avenue that it’s going to be a restaurant… an Italian restaurant, possibly called DaVinci’s. Because Passyunk Avenue desperately needs another Italian restaurant. There are also whisperings that a less Italian concept was slated for the space and the building owner wanted strictly Italian. We love this neighborhood, but sheesh!

We also hear that waning Rittenhouse nightclub Denim [insert your own joke about lame Philly nightclubs here] is soon to be the property of the owners of Rite Aid grotto G Lounge [insert second joke about lame Philly nightclubs here].