The Audacity of Roast Pork


Barack Obama visited Claudio’s in the Italian/9th-Street/Curb Market-thingy earlier this week, says the Daily News. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he tried the burrata, which is one of the finest cheese items available in the whole stinking market. Now, he’s promising to try a cheesesteak.

Of course, this means that soon the Great Opportunity for Cheesesteak-Related Public Relations Disaster will present itself to the candidates. Obama and Hillary Clinton will be forced, probably by their misinformed advisers–the very same advisers that recommend using cliched Rocky references in a speech–to decide at which establishment they will pretend to enjoy their token cheesesteak.

They will be scrutinized mercilessly for which cheesesteak-slinger they choose and how well they handle all of the stupid ordering rules and other shenanigans that go along with cheesesteakery. Let’s face it, cheesesteaks have nothing to do with brotherly love–they seem to attract controversy and create actual hostility like no other local foodstuff. Need evidence? Try this, this, this and, now, this.

Here’s our advice to Obama and if he’s truly the Candidate for Change, he’ll take it:

Roast pork.

From DiNics in Reading Terminal Market. With or without greens, provolone or horseradish. The sandwich of the future of Philadelphia in a classic, truly historic Philly setting.

Real meat, real taste, no hate.

DiNics [Reading Terminal Market]