Sly Fox At DiBruno’s

We really like Sly Fox beer and we really like beer and cheese pairings at DiBruno Brothers. So imagine our joy when we realized Sly Fox’s Brian O’Reilly was teaming up with cheese monger Hunter Fike this Friday to bring the deliciousness.

Sly fox will be featuring the following beers:

  • Incubus Triple
  • Ichor Abbot style Quadruple
  • Gang Aft Agley Wee Heavy
  • Saison Vos farmhouse Ale
  • Rauchbier (Normally only served at their brewpubs)
  • Pikeland Pils

The price is $45 per person and includes an antipasto plate for all guests.

DiBruno Brothers [Official Site]
Sly Fox [Official Site]