Morning Roundup with a Rainbow

There was an actual rainbow outside of the window this morning! How charmingly un-March-in-Philadelphia! Maybe later we’ll see a unicorn scampering down the sidewalk, but until then…

You mean a handshake doesn’t guarantee you can still sell ice cream in Franklin Square? Apparently not. Maybe they’re being replaced with the fellas from the Franklin Fountain? Wouldn’t that be tidy?

A Giant Giant opens in Willow Grove. It’s no Wegmans, but it does have an on-site nutritionist, a cooking school and a wireless internet cafe. Still no beer though.

Maybe you act like a slutty fool when you’re binge drinking because you expect it of yourself? That ruins most of our explanations for our behavior from 1993 until, well, last week.

The mystery of preparing a tender octopus, solved. Twice.

You’re eating MSG all of the time. Also there’s a food stall in Japan devoted to “mayonnaise-friendly” food. May we suggest Philadelphia for the first American location?