Who’s Going To Do It Just A Little Bit Better Now?


There was a collective gasp of horror at Foobooz headquarters today as we realized that a rumor that the Dorkchester Wawa at 20th & Locust is closing appears to be true!

We’re awaiting confirmation from Wawa (UPDATE: Spokesperson Laurie Bruce confirmed it is closing at the end of the week), but the website lists the property as vacant and our tipsters tell us Friday is the last day. Is there a master plan to shrink the number of Wawas within city limits (in favor of those suburban super-Wawas that sell gasoline?) at work?  The Chestnut Hill Wawa where we spent many a Friday night in our teen angst years has been replaced by a bank. The Wawa at 2nd and Christian recently closed. (UPDATE: Bruce says there is no such master plan, despite the burblings of PhillyBlog paranoics.)


Did we take you for granted? Did we not visit you often enough? Did we not contribute enough of our hard-earned dollars to your coffers in exchange for alchohol-absorbing hoagies at 2am? Did we not partake of enough of your house brand milk and iced tea? Did we not tip the homeless doorman enough for allowing us to pass?

Shuttering of Wawas is grim news indeed. Does the city’s lack of a cohesive retail strategy–that same one that prevents us from having a decent department store–have anything to do with it? Paging Mayor Nutter!

Wawa [Official Site]