Countdown to Philly Beer Week: Day 14


14 days–that’s two weeks–until Philly Beer Week. The list of events is long, but we’re here to help you find your way through the overflow of yeast, malt and hops! Today, we’d like to make you aware of something old, something delicious…

That would be Old Beer? Great Beer! at Tria Fermentation School:

Thursday, March 13th, 6:30p.m., $50,

While most beer is best enjoyed fresh from the brewery, a few styles and brands actually take well to the cellar. These age-worthy brews include potent and hoppy Barleywines, spicy, bottle-conditioned Belgian and Belgian-style ales and even a few marvelously matured beers you might not expect. Vintage beer advocate and internationally acclaimed writer Stephen Beaumont will explore the nuts and bolts of aging beer on this tasting journey through the cellar. You will learn how to identify a beer worthy of aging, how to best organize your cellar and how time can enhance classic ales. This will truly be a trip to beer’s outer limits! Brews will be paired with cheese and snacks.

Clear out your basement and prepare to start laying down your collection of brew.

Philly Beer Week [Official Site]