Fresh & Local at the Farmstand


This week we hear that some prices are going up and some prices are going down at the Fair Food Farmstand, but the real news is that someone laid an egg. An emu egg!:

The most unusual new product at the Farmstand is without a doubt the EMU EGGS from Boody Mill Emu Ranch in Sewell, NJ. Just one of these gorgeous dark teal eggs is the equivalent of 8-12 chicken eggs and can be cooked in all of the same ways – they have a light flavor and cook up fluffy. Rather than cracking your eggs, Marcus at Boody Mill suggests that you blow out the contents (using the old-fashioned method of making small holes at either end and blowing through one) in order to preserve the unique shells. These shells can be displayed ‘au natural’ or used as an artistic medium for etching and painting – there are numerous websites with instructions on how to do this.

An interesting twist on Easter brunch!

Fair Food Farmstand [White Dog Community Enterprises]