Fresh & Local at the Farmstand


Will you be food shopping this weekend? If you’re interested in doing it in a fresh-and-local fashion, the Fair Food Farmstand is the place to go.

They’re stocking some interesting new local cheeses that we had the opportunity to sample yesterday, including a “blue cheddar” that marries the savory and stinky qualities of both varieties of cheese, plus a mild, addictive “Telford Tomme” both from Hendrick’s Farm in Telford. Local cheeses haven’t been quite up to snuff, at least compared to the other milk products that come from Pennsylvania cows like this and this, but Sarah Cain, co-manager of the Farmstand, tells me that’s all about to change, based on her recent visit to the PA State Agriculture conference. Local farmers are hiring cheese consultants (like this guy) and learning the finer points of artisan cheesemaking.

If you’re dying to snap into a Slim Jim, but are grossed out by what might be inside, you could give one of their new organic beef sticks from Countryside Organics in Quarryville a shot – they’re made from grass-fed animals and are nitrate-free.

Fair Food Farmstand [White Dog Community Enterprises]