February 29th Is Not My Birthday


Which is a bit of a suckfest, since if it were my birthday, I would head to Morton’s–you know, the restaurant where Mayor Nutter, in his Nutteriest move yet, took City Council to dinner earlier this week–because they are giving away free dinners to people born on Leap Day:

Morton’s The Steakhouse is celebrating Leap Year and those born on February 29, referred to as “leaplings,” by offering a free steak and seafood dinner to people with this special birthday on Leap Day, Friday, February 29, 2008. Morton’s in Philadelphia and King of Prussia are offering a free, birthday dinner (salad, steak, side dish, dessert, glass of champagne) with complimentary valet parking to “leaplings” who make advance reservations to dine in the restaurant on their birthday, and must bring a valid ID stating their birthdate of Feb. 29.

Of course, I don’t have one single friend who was born on Leap Day, but if anyone out there was, there’s still time for us to get acquainted! Because I’m about to not have a kitchen for a month, my taxes are due and I need all the free dinners out I can get. You can even have my seafood, salad and dessert, I just want the steak and champagne.

Morton’s [Official Site]