Local Man Eats Fish, Craps Self

Writer A.J. Daulerio, who pilots the Daily Examiner blog over at phillymag.com, wrote an exceptionally hilarious piece for Radar on the unfortunate effects of eating escolar a.k.a Hawaiian butterfish a.k.a. wahu.

Two years ago Tom Duffy, a 37-year-old father of three, was vexed and perplexed by a bizarre case of gastrointestinal distress he experienced one Saturday morning. Unaware of its source, he initially blamed a Thai dish he’d eaten the previous evening. Laughing it off, he changed and drove over to Starbucks with his three children in tow. Unfortunately, it wasn’t over. He found himself heckled by his youngest while they walked through the parking lot because he kept his hand strategically placed on the back of his pants to prevent an accident while waiting in line for his latte. The following week, feeling recovered, he finished off some the delicious fish they’d purchased (and enjoyed so much the week before) from the local market in the Wayne section of the Philadelphia suburbs. “That butterfish stuff,” is what he remembered calling it. “That was delicious.” It was. But soon after consuming the fish, disaster struck again: The trouble returned, this time in more substantial, uncontrollable bursts.

And that’s just the beginning – the rest of it is so funny, you just might crap yourself.

Escolar: The popular fish with some unpopular side effects [radaronline.com]